Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wake up Yoga goji

A good nights sleep is essential for your body to repair and build itself during the night. Eating protein in your evening meal is a great way to add those nutrients that help build our body. A few drops of lavendar on your pillow comforts and aids sleep. Wake Up Yoga is a great way to wake up your body without leaving the comfort of your own bed! This morning called for some action, here is a simple sequence that can be done from under your duvet and feel great.

Yawn and stretch out, really make some noise and groans!

Child pose for 10 breaths, put some pillows under your foreheads and maybe in between your heels and bum for extra comfort, start to be aware of the breath taking the Ujay breath, warming the throat and the organs.
Come into table top on all fours, and then take cat cow pose for 10 breaths, looking up and breathing in pushing your stomach in the direction of the floor and the arching the back into cow shape, and then exhaling out arching the back the other way like a scared cat sucking the navel to the spine.
Back to Childs pose for 10 breaths, and then come into easy seated pose resting your hands on your knees, start to roll your head in a 360 forwards breathing out, and then around the back of the neck breathing in, do 10 times and then in the opposite direction. Really breathe into any tight spots and play with it.
Still working with our spine, simply nod your head back and forth, and smile and think YES I am awake! Then shake your head and smile and think NO I will not go back to sleep, smile again? My favourite is now the indian head wobble moving your ear to shoulder each way as fast or as slow as you prefer.

Either staying on your bed, or moving onto your mat, moving into downward dog. Its so good for our bodies to take this strengthening pose, it sends our blood rushing around opposite ways refreshing our whole systems Take 10 breaths here.
Come back into childs pose, but extend the arms forward, grasping the mat with your finger tips and work the arms pressing your bum back into your heels, toes touching, and forhead touching the floor, take 10 breaths here.
Slowly come into heros pose, which is sitting on your knees, hands on your knees, feet flat to the floor and look ahead of your knees. Repeat a mantra to yourself, be kind to yourself
'I am a healthy human being, and I love!'

Set yourself a good intention for the day, and come into easy pose (crossed legged), or lotus, hands to prayer against your beating heart and rest here for 5 minutes eyes open, concentrating on the breath, counting helps if your mind wanders. This is an alternative to lying in savasnah, as we are waking our body, and becoming focussed for the day.

After taking Anatomy and Physiology in school now, I learned that we have 50 to 100 TRILLION cells in our body, and each of those cells all have mini organs and a nuclear brain that has so many amazing functions in keeping our bodys in a natural healthy state each second of the day, don't you want to ensure you are feeding them correctly?? Time to throw out the Haribo and other gross candy and start enjoying real food, my latest sweet tooth cravings have been solved with freezing black grapes (darker fruits carry more antioxidants which fight the free radicals in our bodies caused by chemicals, pollution, junk food and other baddies). Sucking on a frozen grape is so sweet and refreshing, another amazing superfood is Goji berries, they are red and chewy like candy but are one of the Superfoods making the top hit list on the food catwalks. They have so many antioxidants, and are a power fruit originally eaten by the Mayans. Go get some Goji berries today, sprinkle on your breakfast oats, cereal, or even salads or in smoothies. I find they digest really well teamed with some almonds.

Yoga is just one Sadhana that helps focus the mind into joyfullness and brings stillness and love into our hearts. Other Sadhana's include cooking, mindfully preparing good food, eating and enjoying! Meditation is another form of Sadhana, along with being in Nature, taking a walk on the beach, yes rain or shine, or in the park, up a mountain, and feeling connected with our true source, Mother Earth. Another Sadhana is art and creativity singing in the shower, or playing an instrument. My brother is learning the guitar, he's really good with his special skype performances! Where do you find your stillness, please share!?

Im eager to form the next 'Angus and Julia Stone' and somehow the vortex found a guitar into my hands from a kind lady and cherised new friend called Txi who I met on the street when I first moved her. I ended up in her cellar trying on clowns outfits, giggling, and hearing all about her amazing life. Thats another story. Now all those people that 'really' know me, should know how I adore those bongos.....BANG MY BONGOS BI*CH! A greek man sold me a pair on the street for $5, and threw in 3 juggling balls too, I could start a circus. Something about a drum beat that can feel trantric and tribal, you can really loose yourself. I found myself at a Yoga Dance Trance night, dancing around a fire with 30 other strangers 'oddly' out of my discomfort zone, but feeling really safe in part of a tribe too. The bongos played on, to the beat of the live DJ, howls came from the women, sweat poured from my viper pits, and blisters were formed. Not much different to those nightclubs Ive trotted around in the past, Im sure everyone has a beat in them, crank it up and dance, right now!!!

Yoga Outreach is a charity that uses Yoga to support those in need who don't have access to it, thanks team! I'm currently volunteering for them, teaching Yoga to some amazing women in a safehouse aswell as talking nutrition workshops... and viper pits!


  1. I'll make a donation Viper Pits! Hit me up at school.

  2. My viper pits are tame, come make friends :)