Thursday, 30 August 2012

How you can be more Environmentally Sexy

So you want to help the Earth, and be more environmentally aware? But somehow the concept just seems so boring to you? Maybe you think to love Mother Earth a little more respectfully you need to grow dreadlocks, stop shaving your pits, and live in a tree only eating roots and seeds. Not the case my friends! There are tons of ways you can spice things up and help Mother Earth remain as beautiful as she is by simply spicing up your sensual side and getting a little sexy almost...

Here a just a few ideas you can make those small changes to help the Earth, and yourself... we are all connected after all.

1) Double up in the shower and save water! Ask your partner, a neighbour or a good friend, explore it? Doubling up in a candle lit bath is also great to get a good back wash saving water and saving energy. Be careful of excessive splashing.

2) Practice acro yoga with your partner,or wing it with a hottie you've been eyeing up in the studio. You'll only need one mat, annnnnd the more people are encouraged to practice yoga, the more people start to open their mind and find their true connection to the source, Mother Earth. Accidentally on purpose slip in handstand wrapping your legs around their waist and pout innocently.

3) Take your bike 'parking' and leave your car at home, save using fuel. Just take an extra blanket to keep warm and cover up rudey bits just in case the police come.

4) Use coconut oil for EVERYTHING instead of nasty chemical based lubricants and massage oils. You can massage yourself (YES!) or get a willing partner to get tropical on you and trade a coconut massage.

5) Order a large dish of gorgeous fresh and delicious food and share it with your partner or a friend, using one set of everything, one plate, one spoon, one glass, one bowl, one love. Its less washing up, mindful eating practise and less waste if sharing food on the go by reducing the need for wasteful packaging.
6) Stop doing excessive laundry by wearing less clothes. Even better go nude as much as possible! You will be reducing consumerism therefore reducing the use of the Earths precious resources used in manufacturing, including tons of water for all that washing.

7) Feeding your partner with your fingers instead of using plastic forks! Combine with number 4 and you are really getting down to serious foreplay. Combine with number 5 and leave the DO NOT DISTURB SIGN on your kitchen door. Say no to plastic anything, yes that includes the goody drawer too...

8) Top up your tan, get rid of those white bits and visit a nudey beach, take a spare reusable bag with you and do a beach clean up on the sand and in the ocean. Be careful if you are lunging over to pick up any gross litter, you may want to have waxed first. You are really helping decrease pollution just by picking up one piece of litter, that's great!

9) Try camping instead of hotels, and get resourceful. Swim in lakes, steam up your tent, eat worms (maybe not), make a fire with collected wood, watch the stars free from light pollution. Today Thursday 30th August is a Blue Moon, a perfect night to sit under the stars with your loved one or yourself. Turn off all the lights and just be, its kinda romantic and you are saving the Earths precious energy.

10) Leave the heating off and hug and rub, especially in bed, you can hug and rub yourself or hug and rub your partner. Be careful not to get too relaxed, you may just let a 'love puff' out (fart) when your partner rubs you into a deeper relaxation.... but farting can still heat up the bed too.... it also makes you both laugh your heads off creating more heat! Come on, if its love its ok!

Let me know what you do that's kinda sexy and environmentally aware, you too can be greener and sexier all at once.

The Raw Yogini


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Monday, 27 August 2012

Pulp Fiction Cucumbers!

What to do with the pulp after juicing???

A really refreshing cooling juice is anything containing cucumber, it cleans your mouth and cools every part of your body with that freshness cucumbers have the ability to bring. Its over 95% water and so keeps the body hydrated whilst flushing toxins from the skin. Cucumbers have elements in them with a history connected to reducing cancers like breast, prostate and ovarian, they also can regulate blood pressure and aid digestion. Cucumbers also promote joint health, and relieve arthritis pain by lowering the uric acid levels. Because of its low calorie high water content, is ideal for those looking for weight loss. Cucumbers also make great batons to bonk your partner over the head with to go and make you a refreshing juice :)
Try this refreshing juice to get some of these cool as cucumber benefits
1 cucumber
1 green apple
4 stalks celery
fresh mint leaves
Juice up, and drink within 20 minutes to ensure you are receiving the amazing benefits of the live enzymes essential to the digestive process, and also have the ability to become metabolic enzymes.  Enzymes are proteins that break down foods into nutrients your body can readily digest. When you eat, your body releases digestive enzymes which  are released from your saliva glands sending signals to the stomach and small intestine in preparation for digestion, and further enzymes to be released. Metabolic enzymes speed up the chemical reaction within the cells for detoxification and energy production. They enable us to see, hear, feel, move and think. Every organ, every tissue, and all 100 trillion cells in our body depend upon the reaction of metabolic enzymes and their energy factor. The liver can store everything it doesn't use or need for that rainy day when your immune system is low for example. Pretty amazing hey :)
Whats more, you don't have to waste your pulp! You can make some pretty amazing ice cubes that have a cool refreshing taste, stacked with fibre! Ideal if you are having trouble with constipation or wind. Simply collect your pulp, and load an ice cube tray topping with water, freeze up and then add to a refreshing glass of water, or simply suck on one when you need that clean feeling in your mouth. Staying hydrated throughout the day with plenty of fresh water is essential to your health, it will keep skin young and keep elimination moving. Drinking around 8-10 glasses per day is recommended, remember caffeine is a diuretic and so you will actually lose more water, so will need to consume even more fresh water to stay topped up.


Try out the pulp ice cubes, enjoy juicing and share any new ideas for Pulp Fiction or juicing ideas here on The Raw Yogini.


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Sunday, 12 August 2012

How to love a Caveman. Holistically.

When you have this idea that you are going to meet that 'somebody', there are sometimes expectations of what that somebody 'should' be like, the perfect somebody. Sound familiar...I want a lover to be, to have, to do, to say, to think, to wear, to smell, to eat, to be....
The thing is love doesn't have a shape, a form, a particular way it is meant to be. Love just is.
Open to falling in love with a caveman?? Well there are a few rules.....

1. He is going to want to smell you. Everywhere. And you have to let him smell you. Everywhere. Don't reach for those toxic freshners the TV has brainwashed you to buy, stay naturally clean, and let your love hormones radiate from your skin. Swim in the salty ocean or a freshwater lake. Use lemons for everything and all over, drip yourself in sweet orange essential oils. Go tropical with some coconut oil and smell like an amazon goddess, the wonders of coconut oil are endless. If he loves your scent his nose will forever be seeking you out, he will always find you, and then be buried deep under your armpit and into your skin with love. Just let go.
2. Accept what he is. Primal and hairy but evolving. He is all man. Its ok, you can still be all woman with all of your woman liberating rights, but just let go to the option of being 'his' woman. Being his caveman bitch, to letting him know you need him, to telling your bra burning days you need him too, and that doesn't make you any weaker. Its ok to need somebody and its ok to let somebody IN. Let your caveman know he is needed, he is loved, you need a fire burning, you want a cave building, you like being carried in his big arms to his animal skins and rugs, you want him to protect you from other predators. Be grateful for your cavemans skills, and help him develop, concentrate on the things that he does have and can do, stop finding fault in the things he doesn't. Who cares if he doesn't bang bongoes or quote Buddha, your caveman is going to love your feminist fur patches no matter what, and he may just surprise you with a hulahoop.

3. Know that he is going to put most things in his mouth. His hairy sexy animal mouth. Gently but firmly. Yes that includes all body parts, the mouth is always waiting for any opportunity. Food, skin, liquid, toys, mud, clothes, boobs, elbows, hair, meat, grunts, love, toes, more food....whatever is in close proximity to the animal mouth will definately be in danger or in luck of being consumed, and it will jump at you from every angle. Always offer seconds for your caveman, or learn self defence for your boobs.
4. Don't try to change him. The tribal tattoos from his teenage days are part of him. His love for meat and PROTEIN can be embraced and developed into loving meals made with lentils, beans, grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Give him the inspiration and choice, show him that meals made with love don't always need meat in them to nourish and build. Be a caveman bitch and show him how you can get protein from other sources, or how he can eat quality meat, less, ethically, and sustainably. Guide your caveman into a world of protein meatless heaven. Accept he will fart. Accept that you will fart. Laugh. Love. Fart.

'You are a goddess, and the fact that you fart means that you are not an illusion. It makes you real' -Caveman

5. Meet him where he is at. Whether thats in the ocean on a surfboard going out for 'those' waves, on his bike doing wheelies looking at you for approval, hiking lost Tofino wilderness jumping logs and mud, skating the streets of Victoria on his longboard, tearing corners on his motorbike shamelessy too fast. He is what he is. Don't be his mother, its her job to worry about his safety. You are his caveman bitch, its your job to inspire him, evolve him, let him smell you, taste you, watch him show off his skills. Love him. Either join in the fun and embrace the same thrills, or embrace that he has a lust for life and these are his lusts. You want him to embrace your thrills and lusts of life, and be inspired, so do the same for his. Imagine the possibilities of new hobbies and skills to trade, share each others thrills!

6. Do Yoga in front of him. All of the time. See what happens. Especially if you do it in your cavewoman hide with bed head cavewoman unbrushed hair. If you can keep a firm understanding that your Yoga practice cannot be interrupted for animal mouth or scent smelling, you will notice that suddenly you have another downward dog next to you, and this one is wagging his caveman tail. Be stocked up for treats for good downward dogs after practice. Yoga is for everyone, even the caveman, and whatever way they at first are inspired to try, embrace that. Yes it might have required some manipulation of the cavewoman form, but only for the greater good. Who knows the possibilites when you start meditating in front of him too...

7.  You will have to learn a new language. Grunting. Cavemen like to grunt. The animal mouth would feel lost if it didn't grunt at least once a day. You can either nod or grunt back. Grunting and growling can actually be really exhilerating, if done in the right circumstance. The point is, just be ok with it! No point over-analysing for days 'Oh shit, my caveman grunted at me in this way last week, what does that mean, does he still love me, did he hear me fart after that bean stew I tricked him into eating instead of meat, has my orangey natural oil smell worn off, did I look crap surfing that wave, I can't ride down a tree trunk with no hands, holy f**k!!! I AM ENOUGH???' Who cares about all that little stuff. YOU ARE ENOUGH. You always have been! Communicate with your caveman, grunting, talking, loving, holding, sharing, CONNECTING in whatever language you know.
8. Cavemen often have to travel for many days away from you gathering food, finding new homes, fighting predators, keeping you safe. As a caveman bitch, this could also mean you are busy finding new rocks to make essential utensils to cook with, to grind up cinammon and garlic to keep your caevman healthy and balanced. You might also be learning new skills in different lands away from your caveman, for the good of the tribe. This means you might need to send each other smoke signals to stay connected, to send out that energy that you cherish for each other. Love isn't just physical connection, we need to stay connected to the source emotionally, spiritually and to have belief in your connections. Staying connected to the source of all things, to life itself, to your tribe, to yourself, to your world, to nature, to your god of choice, to your caveman will be the most nourishing act you can give. Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans says embrace your caveman connection.
8. Cavemen don't value clothes. In fact they prefer to be naked most of the time. GOOD. Clothes are only for keeping warm. 'It takes four walls and a roof to make a house, but it is the space that you live inside' - Lao Tzu. It doesn't matter about what your caveman wears, its what he values and how he is able to love, not just you, but all things. This is what really matters in life. Know that if your caveman is naked, you are probably going to be naked too. Love your own skin. Be comfortable in your own skin. Afterall you are just a skeleton with organs, skin, and muscle. It's just a shell. Love who you are, and who you are isn't just a shell. If you are going to love your caveman, you must at first know how to love yourself. Love your mind body and spirit. Nude doesn't equal sex either (not all the time). Your caveman also wants to cherish you, and he will do that if you cherish yourself. It will show, and that isn't always in the pvc catsuit you've been saving for that special 'Im gonna blow his mind' moment. Sex isn't always the way to make your caveman love you. Neither are your clothes. Free yourself.

'Grab hair, drag home, build fire, lay down, have way, hold close, sleep, wake, find food, keep safe, make love, cherish....repeat' - Caveman

10. Love is like a big wave. You going to paddle for it everytime, even if you know the last wave you took absolutely pounded you head first into the sand, you couldn't breathe, you panicked, you kicked for the surface but it didn't come, and then finally you burst through the wash back onto the surface. You grab your board and reassess. Breathe. Look around. Your heart pounds hard. You are ok. Everything is ok. Yeah you are ready for life. You are ready for love. You are ready for another wave, even if it might make you scared, thats the adventure of love. Take risks on a caveman, forget the past waves you rode. They too were adventures and thrills and just may have been thrown off your board a few too many times. Its ok. Thats all in the past. We all get thrown off the board. But get back on it, and paddle out to that big wave again, take the risk, everything will be ok. Because when you are able to stand, feeling the rush of adrenalin as you float down the face of the wave, and ride it, it feels like you were born to do it, and nothing else matters right in that present moment.
Love is always worth the ride.
Paddle paddle paddle!
Love love love!
Enjoy in the present moment.

To all cavemen out there, YOU ARE LOVED. To all cavewomen bitches, YOU ARE LOVED.
Love all species, Develop together, Evolve collectively , Connect with each other.

The Raw Yogini (aka caveman bitch)

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Films For Action

Films worth watching, change your future, look after this planet, look after each other, look after yourself.

Wake up. Take action. Now.

Share with others! Connect, inspire. Thanks for sharing and inspiring Theresa, I support you!

Friends, the point is we can all do something about something, and it can start with just waking up.

             All of your ideas and input are brilliant!!

....that could just mean opting for a 'film for action' rather than the next Wollyhood shockbooster starring Paris Hilton or the Queen.

....and not stuffing your face with fake whippy cheese chemical dip and cardboard gmo corn crackers. 

Love your body and give it nutritional love, try homemade hummous with some cayenne pepper for a kick and carrot sticks to dunk into it, great source of Vitamin A for healthy skin.

Need something sweeter to fill that emotional hunger? Take action and try bliss balls to help :)

Bliss Balls are packed with good fats from the walnuts to feed your brain, take a look at them, they look like a brain, yep thats right, and the balls of bliss are full of fiber from the dates, which also provide energy-fueling carbohydrates and have more potassium than bananas.  Cacao nibs are high in antioxidants and are the purest chocolate you'll find.

1.5 cup walnuts
1/2 cup cacao nibs
2 cup dates
2 tsp coconut, plus more for rolling (optional)
enough water to make it sticky

Grind nuts in a food processor. Add in dates, cacao and coconut. Blend until mixed, lick spoon, then slowly add in water until the mixture is sticky but stays together. Roll into golf ball-sized balls, and cover with shredded coconut. Lick fingers and eat leftover sticky bits with gusto. Bliss balls remain fresh in an air-tight container for a week.  Disclaimer: not all balls of bliss can be put in air tight containers for a week.

Enjoy the movies folks. Start with Food Inc!