Everyday can be filled with love,

love yourself, love others, love all things. 

I love you.

'Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you. You are the traveler and you are the destination. In experiencing the ecstasy of your own being, you have achieved the final goal.'

 -- Osho

Signs I'm feeling more like a Canadian....

I dont leave the house without a beanie, or my yoga stuff
My girlfriends call me dude..and I answer
On a bus with my snowboard at 7am seems normal
Become a master in the art of layering for rain or shine
Finally realise the biking road rules, wear a helmet muppet!
Able to give directions without my map, kinda
Checked shirts have spread in my dresser or stolen from boys
Tourists take my picture jogging on Jericho beach in a vest
I have an awesome group of friends
I say awesome
Instigator of recripocal unconditional smiling
I get spotted in the street and waved to, yes really!
I have a backpack for my guitar and dont feel like a twat
All my money is spent at Wholefoods
A fat hairy builder whistled and heckled me horrrrayyyyy! (He must've been from England)
I love you Vancouver!

The fine old art of Chivalry.

I take everything back about Vancouver guys being so passive.

Ken: Whats your name pretty gal?
Me: Errrr Michelle, hey there, howya doin?
Ken: I'm great after meeting you! I used to have a girlfriend called Michelle she was pretty too <insert huge mischievous smile>
Me: Really? Is she still your girlfriend?
Ken: Nope, Im free and wide open <insert wink>

Mr adorable gives me his card 'Everybody has a story. Whats yours?' Ken is an 88yr old dude who volunteers as a senior greeter for Vancouver even though he struggles with arthritis and uses a trolly to walk. He has a wicked smile, and although he's a little old for me, I'm certain he's a damn fine catch :)

Just. Let. Go.

You can make the choice to change your Life at any moment.

Next time you pass someone down on their luck, consider that perhaps all they need is a smile, a nod, eye contact. Just some acknowledgment that they too are here in this world.

On the streets of anywhere lives a man.
The same man.
Homeless and alone in the world.
The tears that fill his eyes go by
silent, and unnoticed.
Tears that cry out for a simple glimpse of the
certainty that he's a brothe...
r to us all.
That he belongs.
But you & I dare not look.
Lest we catch such a glimpse.
A glimpse that might show us the
frailty of our own humanity.
A glimpse that might admit that we are, and
always have been, more than brothers.
- Nik Askew


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