Thursday, 20 October 2011

Outreach Yoga Challenge - Day 11 Bedspring

With some muscles that were definately 'awake' this morning,  I sprung out of bed and had a big YEEAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Try it I dare you!
I cycled up to Meghans Vinyasa Flow class. She asked what flavour we'd like the class, spicy or authentic. I knew it was going to be tasty either way, her classes are advanced and challenging, but full of grace, beauty and flow.
If I had thought Cameron was hot, Meghan has preceeded all levels of the crush factor, she is one amazing Yogini and instructor. You can see her in full graceful action here:

The way she moves is mesmorising and something to aspire to whilst of course remembering everybody is different, and its YOU that matters nobody else. Be grateful for where you body took you today, I keep punishing myself for being unfortunate in breaking both arms, why do we make ourselves suffer?? This leads me to todays practice pose with variations:

Yoga posture - Chaturanga Dandasana

Translation: Four Limb Staff Pose

Keeping the spine as straight as possible with your arms in the fully extended position shoulder width apart, lower yourself slowly to the mat until the elbows line up horizontally with the spine.

Look forward or down trying to keep a straight line in the spine and the legs. Engage the core abdominal muscles by tucking the navel in and up and and tuck the tailbone in to prevent a collapse in the lower back.

Use the bicep muscles a little by pushing down on the thumbs. Increase the use of the inner arm muscles further by tucking the elbows into the sides of the body and rotating the shoulders externally.

TipsGlance down and back at the chest feet and navel. A quick glance can reveal so much about alignment. Make adjustments to correct posture.

BenefitsThis pose increases strength, balance and stability by developing many muscles, including the triceps and biceps, pectoralis major in the chest, the abdominal muscles, deltoids muscles, the scapular muscles and rotator cuffs.

"Keep the element of space between the wrists and forearms by using the element of fire."This is done by engaging forearm muscles and tendon endings to create a slight lift in the wrists. 


I started in 3 legged downward dog pose lifting the leg straight up 'trying' to keep hips square to the floor. Slowly lower to the floor still in 3 legged pose into plank, and then to Chaturanga. This is were for me I collapse into the pose instead of moving gracefully and slowly using the arms muscles to lower, but it will happen one day! Coming up to cobra or upward dog, look up and lift your knees off the floor, hand directly under shoulders.

Are you breathing??? :)

Pushing back to upward dog lifting the same leg up and over your body bending the knee  and stacking your hips, feel the cracks and relief and pull a funny face?? SMILE :)

Continue to tilt and twist the body over until the foot reaches the floor and take 'rock star' pose. After watching Meghans routine, I have a lot of alignment and adjustments I'm looking forward to practicing and exploring.Everyone wants to be a rockstar!!!!

I'm back to my head in the books for today, I'm also taking a 'Raw Foods Chef Level 1' course tonight, so will be able to share some amazing recipes soon.

New name for my blog perhaps...
Chelle's Raw Yogi diet!
Not just inclusive to food ;-)

Thanks for following and please share your thoughts, comments, ideas, it would be great to hear from you, kinda all on my own out here you know! Show some LOVE!

Pura Luz

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