Sometimes I don't shower everyday or brush my hair.
I secretly like how my armpits smell.
I like to sing out really loud in the shower with a rock voice.
I miss home, but Im glad to be away from it.
Im scared and excited all at once about life.
Sometimes when I do yoga I wish I could be stronger.
Sometimes when I meditate I think about boys.
Im fearless for adventure.
I'm passionate about love.
Deal with it or don't.

My name is The Raw Yogini and this is a blog for everyone to enjoy, and maybe be inspired, or at least smile?

Ive been chasing my tail for a few years trying to find where I put my wag. I found Vancouver after travelling through New Zealand for the 3rd time, roadtripping around the USA, surfing Costa Rica and pretty much doing Yoga from Italy to Fiji and Kaui... I've always heard the call for water for oceans for beaches and lakes, I like to swim, to play and surf and be free, I hope to meet a mermaid someday.

My roots are planted in England, lovechild to teen parents living partially on The Dark Side of the Moon, rearing goats in our garden, marching the streets of London protesting and being dragged camping to Wales every weekend. I have over 7 billion brothers and sisters, and family that lives all around The Universe. I'm a student of life, eager to learn more each day about you and myself. I cannot play the guitar...yet...but I always sing regardless. I struggle with the urge to feed a spiritual hunger with a conveyor belt of peach muffins, to feeling completely helpless when it comes to feeding the world...

I beleive smiling can start a revolution. Start one today!

I would love to know more about you?


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