Thursday, 30 August 2012

How you can be more Environmentally Sexy

So you want to help the Earth, and be more environmentally aware? But somehow the concept just seems so boring to you? Maybe you think to love Mother Earth a little more respectfully you need to grow dreadlocks, stop shaving your pits, and live in a tree only eating roots and seeds. Not the case my friends! There are tons of ways you can spice things up and help Mother Earth remain as beautiful as she is by simply spicing up your sensual side and getting a little sexy almost...

Here a just a few ideas you can make those small changes to help the Earth, and yourself... we are all connected after all.

1) Double up in the shower and save water! Ask your partner, a neighbour or a good friend, explore it? Doubling up in a candle lit bath is also great to get a good back wash saving water and saving energy. Be careful of excessive splashing.

2) Practice acro yoga with your partner,or wing it with a hottie you've been eyeing up in the studio. You'll only need one mat, annnnnd the more people are encouraged to practice yoga, the more people start to open their mind and find their true connection to the source, Mother Earth. Accidentally on purpose slip in handstand wrapping your legs around their waist and pout innocently.

3) Take your bike 'parking' and leave your car at home, save using fuel. Just take an extra blanket to keep warm and cover up rudey bits just in case the police come.

4) Use coconut oil for EVERYTHING instead of nasty chemical based lubricants and massage oils. You can massage yourself (YES!) or get a willing partner to get tropical on you and trade a coconut massage.

5) Order a large dish of gorgeous fresh and delicious food and share it with your partner or a friend, using one set of everything, one plate, one spoon, one glass, one bowl, one love. Its less washing up, mindful eating practise and less waste if sharing food on the go by reducing the need for wasteful packaging.
6) Stop doing excessive laundry by wearing less clothes. Even better go nude as much as possible! You will be reducing consumerism therefore reducing the use of the Earths precious resources used in manufacturing, including tons of water for all that washing.

7) Feeding your partner with your fingers instead of using plastic forks! Combine with number 4 and you are really getting down to serious foreplay. Combine with number 5 and leave the DO NOT DISTURB SIGN on your kitchen door. Say no to plastic anything, yes that includes the goody drawer too...

8) Top up your tan, get rid of those white bits and visit a nudey beach, take a spare reusable bag with you and do a beach clean up on the sand and in the ocean. Be careful if you are lunging over to pick up any gross litter, you may want to have waxed first. You are really helping decrease pollution just by picking up one piece of litter, that's great!

9) Try camping instead of hotels, and get resourceful. Swim in lakes, steam up your tent, eat worms (maybe not), make a fire with collected wood, watch the stars free from light pollution. Today Thursday 30th August is a Blue Moon, a perfect night to sit under the stars with your loved one or yourself. Turn off all the lights and just be, its kinda romantic and you are saving the Earths precious energy.

10) Leave the heating off and hug and rub, especially in bed, you can hug and rub yourself or hug and rub your partner. Be careful not to get too relaxed, you may just let a 'love puff' out (fart) when your partner rubs you into a deeper relaxation.... but farting can still heat up the bed too.... it also makes you both laugh your heads off creating more heat! Come on, if its love its ok!

Let me know what you do that's kinda sexy and environmentally aware, you too can be greener and sexier all at once.

The Raw Yogini


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