Sunday, 30 October 2011

Outreach Yoga Challenge - Day 21 Balls of bliss

Yep. Karma still dodgy, but I'm gonna ride it out, resistance only make things worse right? Working backwards here...

Ever heard of Taoism? Its a philosophy which seeks to achieve great things by ‘going with the flow.’ Lao Tzu was a mystic philosopher of ancient China and his wisdom is now contained in the Tao Te Ching (introduced to me by a warrior). The way, natures way.

The path of least resistance.

'By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond winning.'

In the world there is nothing more submissive than water. It seeks the low ground and always yields to resistance. Yet water can, over many years, wear down sharp rocks into small, smooth pebbles and carve wide, deep channels through a landscape. Smooth with POWER. Electricity always takes the ‘path of least resistance,’ finding the earth as easily as possible, yet the power of electricity has transformed our lives.

Like a reed in the wind, if we can bend down low and yield to the pressures of life, letting go and allowing the natural course of events to shape us, we can survive and prosper. But if we refuse to yield and remain firm and upright, the world can break us. We are like a ship on the ocean: rowing against the wind is difficult and pointless. Let go and let the wind do all the work. It may take you to wondrous new shores.

We can't avoid our periods ladies (grrrrr...hang on is this my 'bad' karma?) but we can feed them with bliss! Successfully making one batch of thirteen LUCKY for some raw one bite 'Bliss Balls', I then successfully ate the lot. With pleasure and gratitude! Here is the delicious recipe: 1.5 cups of walnuts, or pecans, or cashews. Walnuts are great for the brain, take a good look at one, what does it look like?? 14 medjool dates, pit them and make into heart shape, can also use raisin or apricots. 0.5 cups of cacao powder, yeah we all know what this does for you :) Half teaspoon of vanilla, or cinnamon, pinch of salt (Himalayan preferable), coconut flakes. Process the walnuts in a blender until fine, add in the remaining ingredients. I had to take my nuts out and add the dates, as old school blender, then add in the rest. Pinch for stickiness, if its not sticky enough add more dates. Roll the contents into balls, then roll them in coconut flakes, you can make balls or squash into brownies and add raw cacao beans into them. Put them into the fridge until firm, or you could cook them below 120, for about 5 minutes.

These are great for energy surplus, lots of fructose in those dates, so make good use of it and feel good. My energy found a free futon on Craigs List, (gotta love the kind people of Vancouver, think RECYCLE) and after getting it back to my apt with the help of a very nice Frenchman (Delboy you) successfully put it together,all ready for you to come stay. YES THAT MEANS YOU JOSH and everyone else of course, maybe at different times of year too! Point is, COME VISIT me people! Don't just say you will, or air talk that trip up, DO IT!
It took me a good blonde hour of concentration to get the futon together, concentration of any form is a great way to settle your mind into the present moment, we shut out everything else and the mind is able to focus on one thing. Can we try shutting out everything again? Maybe go take a look at the stars, but don't ask yourself any questions, just BE.

'Sometimes a thought has a magnetic pull, as if it wants more of your consciousness. It wants to grow, because it's a little entity. It wants attention and it tries to get it in subtle ways. It might even use a bodily feeling. "I'm hungry suddenly." Then presence is gone, and you're gone, looking for a restaurant in your mind…'

If you would like to understand more of the present moment, check out Eckhart Tolle, his books include The Power of Now, and a New Earth, both equally inspiring and worth reading. You can also sign up to his website and get free present moment reminders which are simple words, that will feel familiar and we all capable of . How much more enjoyable is life when we live here, now, in this second, rather than wishing our lives away, or dwelling on the past, creating conversations, recalling incidents, and much more madness all of us put ourselves through. Time to wake up? There is no time like the present so lets go!

Some great yoga poses for period pains (and too many bliss balls) are camel pose (utrasana) and butterfly (baddha konasana). For camel pose with your knees hip width apart, thighs perpendicular to the floor and hips open, tuck your tailbone towards your pubis and lift up through your spine, place your hands on lower back and start to lean your shoulders and upper torso back opening your chest and pushing forward with your hips. Exhale and drop back pressing pelvic upwards, elongate your spine, grab your right heel with right hand, and left heel with left hand. Push your thighs forward and centre your weight lifting chest into the arch, drop your head back and relax your throat. This stretches out your spine, thighs, hip flexors, chest and abdominal, stimulates digestion and helps with cramps. Avoid compressing your lower back and rushing into the back bend. Breathe! Hold for 20 seconds to a minute and contract your abdominal to lift your chest forward to come back out of the pose. Take child's pose to relax.

Butterfly is great for stretching inner thighs, groins and knees and provides great relief for period discomfort. Sit up tall with your legs extended in front of you, bring your knees towards your chest with feet flat on floor, exhale and open hips, use your hands to press your feet together and keep the outsides of feet on the floor. Draw your torso upwards and focus on keeping the spine neutral. Weight should be heavily balanced on sit bones, allow hips to open further and thighs to drop to the floor, inhaling lengthening your spine and exhaling start to fold leading with your chest, bringing your head, and your arms to the floor. Just for fun, massage your forehead with your toes, feels nice :) Breath.

Thanks for following the challenge and all the messages so far, its been really supportive and good to know I can share some love and tips! Would welcome all feedback if you'd like to email me privately Additionally if you'd like to make a donation to Outreach, you can simply click here

Goodnight bliss ball heaven, goodnight karma, goodnight silverfish!


  1. Nice 'Cousin It' photo Chelle : )
    Really enjoying your blog. You're an inspiration!
    I'll give these poses a try tonight.
    Jo Daly

  2. Hahahaha it one of my fave looks! Thanks for showing support, let me know how the poses felt, they really help with periodal URGH and digestion. You just reminded me to snoop your fab self too, x