Monday, 31 October 2011

Happiness is an inside job

Ways to improve your life don't necessarily have to include starving yourself to a size zero, getting your tits inflated to the size of a babys head or having Hugh Heff as your boyfriend to buy the whole of the Lulu lemon range. Guys you don't have to have a girlfriend like that or a big wallet to fund her happiness, to essentially find your happiness either. Its all fake! You can find happiness much more easily than this, and it will be so much more satisfying. Its what on the inside that counts...seriously!

Eat a healthy wholefoods organic diet!!!!! Nutrition is the key to feeling good about yourself and looking after our health. Being aware of the need for our nourishment via hunger and then relaxing and preparing the body to receive wholesome food in a comfortable setting are important prerequisites for healthy eating. All together now... TURN OFF YOUR TV!!! When we change our attitudes we change our entire lives. Repeat after me: It matters what I put into my mouth; it becomes who I am and what I think and do. Therefore Im going to treat myself with love and feed myself more natural vital foods. 'The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds'

Quietly watch yourself in as objective a manner as you can. Watch your reactions, and also interactions with others. Watch your thoughts, don't become your thoughts. Don't beleive everything you think. Can you step outside your body and look at yourself? What observations can you make? Make a connection with who you are.

Change up your routine! Do something different. In order to be the change, you have to begin somewhere. Tomorrow, sit in a different spot on the bus to your usual comfort zone, pick a different mat in yoga. See how it makes you feel, you'll gain strength from changing up your routine. Try shaving your hair off just for the sake of it. Things wont feel as mundane :)

What exactly are you afraid of? Do something that makes your heart beat a little quicker, gets the adrenalin racing. Our fears trap us sometimes, fight the fear and do it anyway! It could be anything from skydiving to getting a spider out of the apt. Check in with how you feel at the beginning and how you feel at the end. Was the fear bigger than you thought? Do you feel more alive for having done it?

Be organised and write your daily plan, and more importantly write yourself 'The Bigger Picture'.  Moving forward can feel easier with a plan, or a goal,  you could keep a diary. When you write your plan down, it’s a form of commitment to complete! Its really satisfying to cross off your To-Do list with all your great accomplishments. Blocking out your schedule into 2hrly chunks can be helpful, you can chart in your time for chopping veggies, work, yoga, YOU, and more YOU seeing what free time you actually have each day and week for 'The Bigger Picture' goals, and those interesting workshops you say you never have time for. TURN OFF THE TV.

Surround yourself with positive people and you will be more positive, its true! Your friends should have similiar zests for life and interests, and also want to improve and jump off the negatron track. The company of friends with goals and interests in common with yours is a wonderful way to stay on track, to keep moving forward, to help you over the bumps in the road, and to stretch yourself like never before. This doesn't mean dump everyone else in your life, but maybe you can create some inspiring middle grounds for friendships to blossom and bloom for both parties.  Keep your heart open to those who at first your eyes have been quick to judge!

Do Yoga and meditate Daily. Your thinking is the propellant into success. It needs quiet time to stay focused and directed. Train your mind to become a tool to be used when you need it, not to be hinderance that makes you unecessarily suffer.

Have great sex!!! Taking the advice from above will immediately increase this potential!! You will ooze confidence, feel good about yourself, be clear headed, healthy and focused. If you don't have a partner, then have great sex on your own! DEFINATELY TURN OFF THE TV :)

Let me know what you did today to improve your life, I would love to hear!

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