Thursday, 27 October 2011

Outreach Yoga Challenge - Day 18 Making babies

Inspired by someone I love dearly, I dedicated my Vinyasa Flow practice today to her. Sending all of my energy and focus into the air we breathe and the oceans that part us, hope you felt those vibrations of love. Dedicating your practice to someone, is a great way to feel repsonsible for a good practice, its for someone elses benefit right? At the end of our practice we can sit in easy pose, palms facing up and send that energy out to that person, with a smile. Start a reciprocal vibe, send our your positive vibrations, smile at a stranger, see what happens :) Flow is difficult and a huge challenge, especially if you carry ego, but its inspiring and beautiful once you let go of everything. Letting go is more rewarding each time we're able to bring ourselves back to the 'Bigger Picture'. Doesn't matter where we could reach to last week, or what we might be capable of tomorrow. All that matters is right now, so enjoy :)

Living life in the moment rather than in a memory.

Now you've all turned off your TV's, just what is there to do with your time I wonder? Make a baby? If you are planning to start a family, bringing a new heartbeat into this world here are some mind body and soul connections to help you on your way. If you would like some specific nutrition advice, I have lots so please email me I'd be happy to help, start with folic acid (b9)!!

Controlling stress levels and keeping calm in mind when making a baby is really important to your health and well being. Negative expectations, worry and threat can be solved with simple principles like hope, loving relationships and positive expectations. Take the pressure off yourselves and remember your free will to do what you want. You are in charge of your own body, and what you decide to do with it. Create a safe environment of open communication between each other, lose any ‘blame’ and be willing to accept, love unconditionally and agree on each others sense of purpose. Understanding the situation, relaxing not resisting. Reduce any stress factors that are associated with other relationships, working environments, lifestyle choices like excessive travelling or watching junk on the TV. Make some pamper time for your body to relax.  Be in control of your emotions J

Practice gentle partner yoga together., it could be as simple as sitting in between your partners legs and gently stretching from one foot to the other It will strengthen your relationship and connection with each other and distract the focus from making your baby. The benefits that yoga can also provide are endless of course, it strengthens your minds, body and spirit aswell as bringing focus to the present moment via the breath. Yoga is one of many sadhanas that would be strong tools for bringing your bodies back to a more mindful balance, gentle yin yoga would be my recommendation. Here a  link to 1st trimester poses, but please be careful with exercise during your 1st trimester.

Meditation, a practice done together can just incorporate 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Focus on your breath, clear your mind of negative and discursive thoughts, keep counting the breath and visualise. Cooking is so nourishing! Thinking/making/feeding/smelling/tasting flavours and foods are a great connection to your body, its nurturing, nourishing, mindful, interactive and yummy! Get back to nature and take some walks together, be gentle on yourself if you have just got pregnant. Look at the trees, collect some leaves, splash a puddle and hold hands, breathe in the fresh air. The physical benefits are good for keeping fit and active, but more importantly your body will TUNE into Nature, look around and just BE. Be creative! Sing! Sing in the shower! Sing everywhere! Play instruments, write a poem, paint a picture, read out aloud. All of these things are great for our vitality and spirit, and bring joy and happiness to every living cell in our body, including those starting to just grow.

ENJOY HAVING SEX AGAIN! Take the pressures of only having sex to make a baby. Forget the ‘project’ and love each other again spontaneously, passionately and adventoursly! J Always finish with an amazing massage, or maybe that’s how it starts? J Connect with each others bodies again emotionally and without purpose. Just from the heart and loins!

Visualisation, intentions, contemplation, mantras. Find a quiet peaceful environment alone and ask your heart what having a baby means to you? Clarify your values, close your eyes and visualise seeing yourself the way you want to be, be kind to yourself, keeping the goals and outcomes positive. Feel yourself successfully achieving getting pregnant, trust yourself, and generate this good energy and positive vibrations from within. Set your intention and repeat them to yourself. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Mantras can be as simple, yet high effective as:
I am a healthy human being.

I am loved and I love.
My body is strong and my heart is open.

I will be a loving mother.

Your body, as a whole, is one organism. However, many, many parts make up that whole. As you consider the various levels of the body, you understand that a large number of parts are within parts. It's akin to looking at a pine tree. At first, you notice the entire tree — a whole organism. However, as you look closer, you notice the branches. Looking at the twigs on the branches, you notice each needle on the twigs. Thousands, if not millions, of needles exist on that one single pine tree. The same analogy holds for the human body or the body of any animal. First, you notice the entire body. Next, you see that the entire body is made up of parts and organs, and each of those organs is made up of a variety of tissues. And if, as a pathologist does, you examine a magnified sample of one of the human body's tissues under a microscope, trillions of cells become visible. Yet you can turn up the magnification for an even closer look: Cells contain molecules that are made up of even smaller components, atoms. Ever looked up to the sky at night and smiled at the stars, maybe even looking beyond them to the Universe? Stars are powered by a process called fusion, where hydrogen atoms join together to form helium — and give off a lot of energy. A star begins its life in a dense molecular cloud called a nebula. I'm not talking rocket science, or something everyone doesn't know, but actually really thinking about it, WOW it blows me away! Check out the stars tonight, they are a part of you, you are a part of them, we are all one?

Thanks for following the challenge, not just in yoga, but also in life. Make it count.

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