Healing Hands.

I am currently at school studying Holistic Bodywork & Massage at VSBM and passionately believe in the power of healing through not only nutrition, yoga and love, but also the power of bodywork, touch and massage. I had already previously taken workshops in swedish massage, thai and shitasu, and have always been an extremely enthusiastic receiver for bodywork my whole life!

This year I have been studying so much more about the anatomy of the body and how it works, and how we can actually help to heal the body mind and spirit using holistic principles, natural organic oils and tons of love. The techniques I will be using are Swedish Massage, Joint Release, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Reflexology, Shiastu, Aromatherapy, Auruyvedic and lots more.

I am taking bookings for clients who would like to recieve a professional theraputic 60 minute massage using the tecniques I have qualified in through school so far. I have a professional massage table and room in my space by the beach, and of course I only use organic oils with blends to suit your mood. I always have a mindful intention to your body, to what your body needs, I'm listening.

There are so many benefits to bodywork and massage, including eliminating and decresing pain in the body, increasing circulation of bloodand lympth, improving mobility and flexibility, relaxation and calm feelings, improve postural awareness, stretch tight muscles, remove waste prodcuts and toxins in the body, increase your overall sense of well-being, feel loved and cared for, and reconnect to yourself, and finally SLEEP!

A sugessted donation of $25-50 is suggested, or an equal trade which I'm happy to discuss with you. If you are interest in trading energy, please get in touch.

Michelle Langton
Holistic Bodyworker Student.
Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage


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