Saturday, 12 November 2011

Everybodys free to feel good!

Ever just listened to what your body wants? What your body needs? What your body likes? What would you like to eat right now, what would you like to be doing right now, what would you like to feel right now? Dance, eat chocolate, drink red wine, be silly, do yoga, run really fast, kiss your neighbour, be naked, wear something outrageously different, shave your head, high five the bus driver, tell a story, laugh REALLY loud, speak up with your opinion, jump off everything for a day, hold a baby, flash your knickers, flex your muscles, sing your favourite song on the tube, book a road trip, stop shaving, get a tattoo, make a new interesting friend, touch someones skin, just do it because you can, and because it feels good. Shouldn't everyone be allowed this? Everybody's Free to Feel Good! Crank it up, and have a thought for fundamental human rights.

Preserve your good times, and relive them over and over, feel grateful for the Freedom you have in your life however big or small that may be. Our bodies are amazing at storing a memory, an emotion, and when we store the good ones we can tap into that feeling we felt over and over and remember to keep making new good memories. Its coming into Winter now, and if you're a sun worshipper, you can easily tap into those moments of warm rays on your face and feel good in the rain, wind or shine. Feel good! Why make ourselves suffer by complaining, its so much easier to feel good and be nice, think positively and be full of love and smiles. Suddenly you'll find you are surrounded by the same things too, and like dominoes you will ooze the feel good hormones!

Being a veggie, pasta used to be a massive part of my diet up until the last five years, and I still miss the comfort factor pasta can provide. Living in Italy last year for a couple of months, I overdosed in pasta along with the Italians and loved the way they just kept it simple. Some quality organic oil, fresh tomato and basil. Really??? Here is a great Raw Food option for a pasta dish without the pasta that will leave your taste buds screaming 'Ancora!'
3-4 courgettes (zucchini), 12 sun dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil, 12 fresh baby tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, 1 tsp of salt (try Himalayan), 0.5 cup of organic olive oil, pine nuts.
Chop the courgettes into thin strips, I used a potato peeler and a knife, it took time but the effect was amazing. You can go all fancy and buy a 'spiraliser' machine which does make it look amazing, but it will still taste the same! Chop the tomatoes into pieces, you could also blend them if you preferred a sauce rather than a chunky style Mediterranean style, stir in the olive oil, salt to taste. Top with basil and pine nuts (or feta if you are allergic to nuts) Crack open the organic red wine (better for hangovers - read blog 'Comfortable in your own skin') Slosh your wine glass around, invite a hot Italian over for dinner and enjoy!

I met a new lovely friend called Jasmin, originally from Germany, and lived all over the world. Who said the English and the Germans can't be friends?? Oh yeah male football lovers, get a life guys! :) Jasmin married the same guy twice and gives me renewed faith in that old thing called Love. We are at the same school studying Holistic Nutrition together, not the same class, but definitely the same wave length. Walking on the beach getting to know each other, playing in the leaves, talking about love, autumn, cats and dogs, food, babies, silly and yoga! What a great way to spend an afternoon, I'm grateful to meet lovely new people everyday, they keep showing up all around me and suddenly I don't feel lonely anymore. Sitting on logs and creating 'Cactus' pose in our shadows looking out to the snow capped peaks over on North Vancouver, Grouse Mountain and her sisters slowly get covered each day with more snow, its wonderful to witness. I'm so happy to be here!

Back bending into Wheel pose means you can look at the mountains upside down!! I took advantage of a potential soft sand landing and having a camerawoman. Besides it just FELT GOOD!

The word Urdhva-Dhanurasana which means "raised bow", and the term Chakra Asana which comes from the root "to move" both describe the Wheel posture. This pose is quite energizing and is the advanced version of Bridge Pose. You can perform the posture in the morning or day time. It has positive physical and mental effects when practiced regularly and is a great tonic for the body. Wheel Pose is a backbend that benefits the spine. It strengthens and lengthens every vertebrae, therefore increasing elasticity and flexibility of the spine. As you hold yourself up in the pose, you are strengthening your arms, shoulders and chest as well as stimulating the entire cardiovascular system.
This pose opens up the chest area, strengthening the lungs and allowing more oxygen to enter the rib cage. It improves the respiratory system and great for those with ashma or any other breathing problems. It's important to breath deeply in the pose with both nostrils. If you suffer from any digestive disorders, then the wheel pose can help. It also enhances the nervous system and improves secretions of the hormones keeping you balanced and healthy.

Be thankful for everything you have in life....even the stuff you thought was crap.


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