Sunday, 10 June 2012


Hello Healthy Beings,

If you haven't already subscribed to these quick little gems, have a look at this short 3 minute film

Follow your dreams, well why wouldn't we? What's stopping you? Wanna be a surf pro hottie, start with swimming in the ocean and body surf some waves. Too cold?? Get yourself to a local pool and play in the water there. Or make some new rich friends who have a pool or a condo in Costa Rica. Even surf hotties had to start somewhere :)

It could just be one small thing you can achieve at first, and just see what happens.
What makes you smile???


Still haven't achieved handstand in your yoga practice??? Don't fret, practice with your lover and use some support and soft cushioning for any falls. The point is, just go and do what you want to do in this life. Don't hold back, follow your dreams, whatever they are, however big or small they are, one small step at a time will get you there, the Universe is listening to you.

Ask that person out for a walk, apply for that job, read that book, eat those foods, take that course, travel to that country, leave things that don't serve you behind, get the puppy, buy that chocolate cake, tell them YOU LOVE THEM. Everything will be ok, it always will be.


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