Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Do what you LOVE

Are you doing what you love???

What exactly is it that you love???

Get a pen and piece of paper and write what it is that you love to do, love to see, love to BE.

Everything is possible, trust in yourself and in the Universe.

One of my nutrition clients loved climbing trees, yet she hadn't climbed a tree for over 10 years and forgot the inner child in her. Another loves coffee, but refuses to drink it and gets stressed out about it. A friend of mine wants to travel, but she sits at home on the couch unfufilled. A guy I know has some amazing inventions collecting dust in his cabinet, and is unhappy with his current job... so many of the amazing people around me all have a passion, all have a love, but aren't doing it....


A caveman shared this beautiful 6min film with me capturing some of this beautiful world, and pointing out the most beautiful things are right here in front of our beautiful noses to enjoy.
If you are passionate about something then do it, don't waste your life dreaming of a better one.
You are enough. You can do it.


SurfSwooonNnnnatureGasimmm.......See the beauty and the mystery in all things, even in dark and moody England... Everything is a gift, and everything is here to enjoy right now.

The message is pretty clear... Do what you love! 


  1. So true - if you do what you love, everything flows from that, magical doors open...

  2. Thanks for sharing, Michelle! Keep being inspired and sharing you beautiful messages with the world. We need them and you.